Wednesday, November 2, 2011

September Star Complete Now I've got to do October!

Here is the September block in October! Now I have to do Octobers block, naturally I am late. But, I got side tracked.
I finished my granddaughters quilt for Christmas
This quilt was done using the quilt as you go method. In other words, I quilted each square separately. I bought some pixey  redwork designs and quilted them on the machine and then filled in using the MacTavish method. I hope each little pixey that she finds comes as a surprise. This is a photo of one from the back, which is flannel.

 Here's the label 

Then I cut out a four patch stack and whack / kaleidoscope that I still have to finish putting together. They showed us how to to it in guild this month. There are only 4 repeats used and they were cut into 3 and 1/2 " squares. By making them square you can keep spinning them till you get the most pleasing arrangement. I have a great time putting these together.  I took them to work and did them while I talked to customers on the phone. My plan is to put a border of of  strips of yellow, red, and black around it. and I've got those square on the bottom to put on the corners. 
And I am also working on this Lady Liberty quilt which is still in the growing process. All of these squares are done on my new embroidery machine. I want to get some more New York Beauty quilt patterns to get some more variety going on. 

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