Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'ts Been A Long Time But I Finally Finished My 2011 Star Quilt

This has been my year to finish all my UFO's before I can start any new projects. 

I got several projects out of the way and finally finished my 2011 star quilt. I added the paper piece border and the little star cornerstones to kind of set them off. I learned a lot making those stars and actually the border as well. I had just finished watching a Crafty class called "Quick Strip Paper Piecing" and I used the New York Beauty border from that class and it only took me a week of piecing every night to get all the border pieces done. And I will never do paper piecing quite the same again. Her way is so much faster. I thought there would be horrible amounts of waste but nothing could be further from the truth.

Here's the back. 
These stars were from a Star quilt along at

I just bought a Brother PQ1500S sewing machine and I used it to free motion quilt this piece. It's my first quilt of this size to free motion. I ought to be right on time for Halloween. After looking at it so long all I can see is candy corn. Ha. The hot design is very appropriate the heat we have been having this year. 

I also finished my "gibbles and bits quilt that I started in guild about 7 months ago. It was made with my old Christmas fabrics. Some of that stuff is 20 years old. I have it at the longarmers right now. It was too big for me to attempt to try for my first big one. But now I've got a machine with a bit bigger harp and I will try it with this one. 

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